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dunes of St Ives Bay, Cornwall, UK

November 2015
Excellent month: Irony Fairy comic strip published,

There's a new music and video, Minoan Voyage, uploaded on YouTube. Images and inspiration come from the ancient Minoan civilisation heartlands of Crete and Santorini.

Plus a trip to London to see the Celts exhibition and attend the publication launch of an anthology containing my short story The Man From The Realm Of Footy Fan.

June 2015
Hot from the iTunes visualizer window: The latest YouTube music video is posted here. It’s also available on SoundCloud in higher quality audio.

What’s it about? It was a commission for a birthday present. On SoundCloud it’s described as: Take a dash of Ska rhythmic structure, season with variations of Beethoven’s Für Elise, add some Two Tone West Midlands homage, top with selected character traits and you have a piece written for and about someone for their birthday.

On YouTube it’s described thusly: A bit of Beethoven, a sprinkling of Ska structure, seasoned with the essence of a real person – Happy Birthday H. Cooked with Logic Pro X instruments, Alchemy, Native Instruments and Roland Integra-7.


May 2015
The “Whatever Happened To…” fairy-tale sequence continues on SoundCloud with the post-fame and fortune tale of Jack the Giant Killer.

March 2015
There’s been some work going on with my YouTube channel, involving music, stories and a spot of satire complete with freaky animated video.

February 2015
- Rui Mendes has been commissioned to do the artwork for The Irony Fairy. The strip is due to appear in Something Wicked in the final quarter of this year. I've seen only a little of Rui's work, and it's good. Really looking forward to seeing what he does with the script.
- Dozmary Drift, an original piece of music inspired by Cornwall and the legendary Dozmary Pool on Bodmin Moor is up on YouTube now.

January 2015
- SALE Over-run. Due to me forgetting all about it, the sale now ends on Sunday January 11 at midnight GMT/Universal Time.

November 2014
- SALE time - from Nov 14 to Jan 3 you can get my music and hypnotherapy downloads at half price from CD Baby only.

June 2014
  - As an antidote to World Cup overload, this month's Gold Dust magazine runs my short story The Man From The Realm Of Footy Fan. It's a satirical retelling of the old tale
The Fey Woman Of  Lyn Y Fan, complete with gender reversal, kebab wrappers, World Cup madness and an unlikely world where magic and laddishness are one and the same. You can buy issue 25 of the magazine or read it online for free at Gold Dust.

February 2014
- After being asked to copy-edit a novel, proof and pre-press format a PhD thesis, and get someone's eBook formatted for Kindle and Smashwords premium list, I've decided to put my years of publishing and editorial experience into the market place as an editor for hire.

December 2013
- Sleep Well Hypnotically album on sale at
CD Baby. Free accompanying eBook available here.

- New single of ambient chill-out music Breath Of Calm released at CD Baby

November 2013
- Comic strip script waiting for artist to be commissioned for FutureQuake - Irony Fairy.

October 2013
- Work started on words and music for hypnosis download to help people with sleeping problems.

August 2013
- Transcript for The Sixth Swan Brother is posted up on the blog.

May 2013
- Ever heard of the fairy tale about the six brothers who who were bewitched and turned into swans? Their sister made them Starwort shirts to turn them back into humans, but didn't have time to finish the one for the sixth brother. He was left with one arm that was human and one that was a swan wing. What did that do to his head? Listen to my flash fiction on Soundcloud or watch the YouTube version.

March 2013
- Author pages launched at
Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk where you can get
Langarrow and The Monday Rebellion for your Kindle or Kindle reader software. While you're there you could also check out my music and hypnosis downloads at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

February 2013
- Living Coasts music completed

January 2013
- Started soundtrack music for a Torquay Living Coasts project coming out
   of Plymouth University

July 2012
- Novella Langarrow ($2.99) and short story The Monday Rebellion
   (99¢) released as eBooks via Smashwords

April 2012
- Hypnosis audio Relax and Change Hypnotically is released via
CD Baby

March 2012
- Free ringtone downloads released via For-Relaxation.com

Music single Rapid Relaxation is released as an mp3 download via CD Baby