Langarrow - available at Smashwords (for all eBook readers/devices) July 2012. Also for Kindle at & March 2013

Short stories

The Man From The Realm Of Footy Fan - Gold Dust magazine June 2014 issue 25 and paperback anthology 2015

The Sixth Swan Brother - Soundcloud and YouTube May 2013

The Monday Rebellion - Dark Horizons, December 2011; available at Smashwords (for all eBook readers/devices) July 2012. Also for Kindle at & March 2013

Saints Alive - Thaumatrope April 26, 2010

Snake - Thaumatrope March 1, 2010

The Lord's Work - Scheherazade #28, 2005

My Translucent Hands - F/SF anthology (Cyber-Pulp Press), January 2005

The Curse Of The Mobile Screamsaver - Knave 36-13,
spacerDecember 2004 (writing as Ken Leary)

Tooth Fairies On-line - Neo-opsis #4, Fall 2004 (also,
spaceravailable since 2008 at

Ducking And Diving - Flashquake, Fall 2002

The Secret Lives Of Plants - HMS Beagle #86,
spacerSeptember 2000 (translated into Hebrew and reprinted
spacerin Israeli SF Society's Fantasia 2000, October 2008)

Satori Must Be Something Just The Same
spacer- Interzone #94, April 1995 (also available in the Vaughan
spacer Stanger edited 2008 anthology Planet Interzone)

Undercurrents - Scheherazade #12, 1995

Rapture Of The Deep - Dark Asylum #2, 1995

Fragments Of Unbecoming - Fear, Feb 1991

Chipwrecked - Dream #29, 1991

The Universal Soldier - Fear, August 1990

An Awkward Phage - Practical Computing, January 1985

Laddish lit

A hundred or so short stories along satirical and/or generally laddish lines in various men's magazines in the 1980s and 1990s, including the series: Lew Lurcher. A gonzo journalist perpetually pissed but with the happy knack of stumbling across important things like the truth behind the British meat industry, the poll tax etc - a political and cultural satire  written in 1990 for XS magazine.

Comic strips

The Irony Fairy - Something Wicked #11 November 2015.

We Ran The World - satire on British Empire and 80's Britain. Thirty monthly double-page spreads and a couple of four-page spreads in The Damage between 1989 and 1991.

Judge Smeg - satirical homage to Judge Dredd. Two strips appeared in The Damage Specials of 1989 and 1990.


Oak Rite - Touchstone #159, November 2009.

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