(Jan 15, 2018)

If you were a microphone/camera gifted with free flight, and were also imbued with empathy and reflexivity, you could on each orbital flight round the Earth appreciate the physical and natural wonders of the atmosphere, not forgetting human communications technology. As you soared you would also be open to the metaphysical and spiritual realms that are within your orbit.

1 Earth Rise
2 Angelic Dawn Flight
3 Satellite Chorus
4 Thermosphere
5 Shooting Stars Below
6 Floating in the Exosphere
7 Twilight of the Satellites
8 Arp Angel Flight (Reprise)
9 Dark Earth

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Spirits of Place & Time
(Dec 12, 2016)

Music inspired by the landscapes, zeitgeists and spirit of Britain from pre-history up to the present day, including eastward nods to the ancient civilisations that informed the development of the cultures of the British Isles.

1 Aquae Sulis (Goddess Vision)
In the hot springs where the Romans eventually built the city of Bath, bubbles from the Otherworld gave intoxicating Goddess-inspired visions of time and people to come.

2 Dozmary Drift
On Bodmin moor, where the elementals are restless, lies the mythical lake where Arthur returned Excalibur to the Otherworld. Drifting westwards to the Atlantic, the spirit of Cornwall remains rooted in legend, myth and a celebration of the life force.

3 Ska'd Midlands (Für H)
The West Midlands has its own unique part to play in the  musical and cultural heritage of Britain. Among many other things it was the home of the two-tone celebration of ska. It was also my partner's place of birth.

4 Minoan Voyage
The Mediterranean has been a crucible for civilisations and cultures beyond that of classical Greece and Rome. One that calls strongly to me, the ancient Minoan civilisation of Santorini and Crete, may have ostensibly been destroyed by tsunami and volcanic eruptions, but it is hiding in plain sight today.

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By a River On The Edge Of Town
(May 15, 2019)

Our buildings, our civilisations and our species are short-lived aberrations in the stream of things. Always and in all ways, nature flows on.

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