Curse you motivational memes

After some work on my YouTube channel, thought I’d play around with animation software and poke satirical fun at the cringe-inducing “inspirational meme” nonsense that litters Facebook and Twitter feeds. OK, so they’re almost self-parodies as they are, but just because there are fish in the barrel doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a shot at them.

The first short video in my Antidotes to inspirationally idiotic motivational memes is up now. 

More will be arriving.


The Man From The Realm Of Footy Fan

As an antidote to World Cup overload, this month’s Gold Dust magazine runs my short story The Man From The Realm Of Footy Fan. It’s a satirical retelling of the old tale The Fey Woman Of  Lyn Y Fan, complete with gender reversal, kebab wrappers, World Cup madness and an unlikely world where magic and laddishness are one and the same. You can buy issue 25 of the magazine or read it online for free at Gold Dust.